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The only Weekly Dungeons that currently exist are the Gardens and they reset daily at 8am GMT+8.


Each day, a different Garden dungeon will be unlocked and players can access the garden for 1 hour at a time of his/her choosing. The dungeons typically have 2 difficulty stages with the more difficult dungeon yielding higher rarity Spheres.

Dungeon ScheduleEdit

Flower of the Inferno: Can capture Fire EXP Units.

Glow of the Blossoms: Can capture Light EXP Units.

Flower of the Frozen Lake: Can capture Water EXP Units.

Blossom of the Dusky Forest: Can capture Dark EXP Units.

Flower of the Green Fields: Can capture Nature EXP Units.

Blossom of Gold: Can capture Coin Units.

Blossom of Gold: Can capture Coin Units.

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